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I am a full stack web developer with 18 years of experience. I have worked on small public-facing web sites as well as enterprise-level intranets.

I work well by myself as well as within a team. I take a great deal of pride writing clean, efficient, and easily maintainable code that accomplishes business goals.

Using JavaScript, I am an expert at developing high-performance web tools that create a smooth user experience.

Using JSON, I develop search tools that enable users to search through hundreds of thousands of products quickly by category, brand, or other filters.

Using Ajax, I build tools that collect and validate form data and write to a database.

I build image galleries, multi-tiered menus, tab systems, and file lazy-loaders, pagination, and caching strategies for superior web site performance. I write code that anticipates translation into multiple languages viewed on many devices, such as phone, tablet and PC.

The ideal next project for me is front end UX development using JavaScript within a highly organized design pattern, such as MVC. I prefer to work on projects where efficient code performance is critical.

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Core Strengths

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ColdFusion
  • SQL Server
Professional Experience
InfoComm International

January 2012 - Current
InfoComm International
Senior Web Developer ~ Minneapolis, MN

  • Built a product comparison application for a public facing web site that enables visitors to select and compare specifications of multiple items at once. Made extensive use of JavaScript, Ajax and CFCs.
  • Integrated Power Reviews into a site with 100,000+ audio/video products, thus enabling visitors to rate and review items. Built an automated XML feed that pushes product updates to Power Reviews.
  • Built an application to consume an XML/SOAP feed and update multiple databases bases on parsed data specifics.
  • Built an automated QR Code Generator using the Google Chart API.
  • Made extensive use of OOP best practices.
  • Performed weekly code reviews with other ColdFusion developers.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 8
  • SQL Server 2005
  • jQuery / JavaScript / Ajax
  • XML / SOAP

September 2011 - January 2012
Senior Web Developer ~ Winona, MN

  • Lead a team of three developers to create a call center application to enable 30+ full time agents to fully access and manipulate all customer data, including placing product orders, processing credit cards, setting environment defaults, and running reports.
  • Built a proprietary ColdFusion / jQuery framework completely in CFSCRIPT that would enable the team of programmers to continue develop features using new standards.
  • Trained three developers to use ColdFusion and jQuery extensively to access records quickly using Ajax techniques to access SQL Server databases with 2m+ customers and 25k+ products.
  • Used Ajax method call to serialize and deserialize SOAP package to validate and GeoCode addresses in real time.
  • Wrote extensive form validation using jQuery.
  • Wrote dozens of user defined functions to create form elements programmatically to minimize duplicate coding effort and increase productivity.
  • Ensured web site scalability by using OOP best practices, moving all database interaction into relevant CFCs.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 9
  • SQL Server 2008
  • jQuery / JavaScript / Ajax
  • XML / SOAP / Web Services
State of MN Department of Health

January 2011 - July 2011
State of MN Department of Health
Internet Applications Developer ~ Saint Paul, MN

  • Solely responsible for designing and coding a web site to enable 120+ Minnesota hospitals to apply for Trauma Center Designation.
  • Hand-coded CFScript to build a secure site using ColdFusion 9 and jQuery, connecting to a Postres 8.4 database.
  • Used jQuery extensively for form validation as well as showing and hiding relevant information and options.
  • Used Ajax to save form data and retrieve data without leaving current page, creating a smooth user experience.
  • Made extensive use of HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, and CFC's.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 9
  • Postgres 8.4
  • jQuery / JavaScript / Ajax
Pale Moon Web Services

January 2006 - December 2010
Pale Moon Web Services
Owner / Operator / Web Developer ~ Minneapolis, MN / Las Vegas, NV

  • Hand-coded small and large web sites in HTML, DHTML, CSS, and CFML using UltraEdit 16 and ColdFusion 9.
  • Made extensive use of client-side JavaScript for complex form validation.
  • Connected many web sites to Microsoft Access 2000 or SQL Server databases.
  • Normalized databases for maximum efficiency dependent on server resources and expected traffic.
  • Collected data through online forms and populated databases.
  • Used CFMail to confirm opt-in programs, send thank-you's, and distribute reports.
  • Develop SEO strategies using Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools, along with creating dynamic XML sitemaps.
  • Edit images and incorporate clip art using Adobe PhotoShop 7.
  • Create image galleries using Adobe Flash CS5.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion MX / 7
  • SQL Server 2005
  • JavaScript / Ajax
  • XML / SOAP / Web Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
Capistar Franchise Holdings

March 2000 - January 2006
Capistar Franchise Holdings
Internet Applications Developer ~ Eden Prairie, MN

  • Designed and hand-coded several public web sites using ColdFusion 3/4/5 to collect new customer information (leads) and populate Microsoft Access and SQL Server 2000 databases.
  • Developed intranet for local executive staff to create and manage intranet accounts for 120 remote consultants, allowing the local executive staff to distribute leads to the consultants and report on lead generation trends.
  • Implemented numerous applications for third-party vendors to distribute leads to us via RSS, XML, email, automatically parsing leads and populating the database.
  • Created an application to specify multiple consultant lead preferences and used the data to automatically allocate incoming lead to the most appropriate consultant, fully respective of monthly lead count.
  • Created an application to automatically pull data from database and create PDF for a consultant's biography and image and to distribute as an email to lead in real time.
  • Developed an extranet for business relations to upload logos and manage their own information.
  • I partnered with the marketing department to assist in search engine optimization strategies.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 5 / MX
  • SQL Server 7 / 2005
  • JavaScript
  • RSS / Web Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
ABRA Auto Body & Glass

January 1999 - March 2000
ABRA Auto Body & Glass
Telecom Analyst / Intranet Developer ~ Brooklyn Center, MN

  • Monitored all landline and cell phone operations of entire enterprise, 90 locations in 7 states.
  • Implemented a web-based solution to track phone lines, services, and costs powered by ColdFusion 3 and Microsoft Access.
  • Integrated AT&T' Route-It! toll-free call routing software to create toll-free traffic management system within our network.
  • Helped research possible VoIP telephone system solution for entire enterprise.
  • Advised executive staff on new call center configuration scope, phone system, and traffic management possibilities.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 4.5
  • Access 2000
  • JavaScript
Fingerhut Companies

June 1997 - December 1999
Fingerhut Companies

Senior Network Traffic Analyst / Intranet Developer ~ Plymouth, MN

  • Supervised a small group to monitor three to six inbound call centers on two continents, handling up to 100,000 calls per day.
  • Worked with AT&T Route-It! toll-free call routing software to direct call traffic to various call centers around the country.
  • Implemented a web-based solution to report on call volume every fifteen minutes using ColdFusion 3 and Microsoft Access.
  • Created an automated reporting system to distribute reports to executive staff.
  • Worked with call forecaster to create call flow algorithms and create procedures manual to train staff how to use the system.

Key Technologies

  • ColdFusion 4
  • Access 98
Technical Skills
Core Strengths Years Exp Skill Level (1-5)
ColdFusion (4-10) 17 5
SQL Server 16 5
JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax 18 5
Photoshop CS5 18 5
Databases Years Exp Skill Level (1-5)
SQL Server 7 - 2008 16 5
Access 3 3
Postgreg 8.4 6 months 3
MySQL 6 months 3
Browsers Years Exp Skill Level (1-5)
Internet Explorer 18 5
Chrome 6 5
Firefox 10 5
Safari 5 5
Opera 18 5
Editors Years Exp Skill Level (1-5)
CF Builder 3 5
Dreamweaver 2 3
UltraEdit 10 5
cfObjective() 2014
Radisson Blu, Bloomington, MN - May 2014
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cfObjective() 2013
Radisson Blu, Bloomington, MN - May 2013
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cfObjective() 2012
Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN - May 2012
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Administrator
New Horizons Learning Center, Las Vegas, NV - 2003
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ColdFusion 5 - Advanced ColdFusion Development
New Horizons Learning Center, Minneapolis, MN - 2002
ColdFusion 5 - Fast Track to ColdFusion 5
New Horizons Learning Center, Minneapolis, MN - 2001
ColdFusion - Intro to ColdFusion
Minnesota Science Museum, Saint Paul, MN - 2000
Intro to Visual Basic
Hennepin Technical College - 1999
AT&T Route-It!
Training and Certification - Orlando, FL - 1998
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ColdFusion 5 Certification
Test taken in Las Vegas, NV - 2003
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University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
English / Journalism
Inver Hills Community College - Inver Grove Heights, MN
AA Degree earned - Business / Computers / English
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Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me regarding web development opportunities.